Utility Monitoring and Management Made Easy and Convenient

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Meter Design and Engineering

We design and engineer submetering systems for electric, water, and gas utilities for all types of properties. Our team will work with you to meet your specific goals, offer the latest technology in end-user capabilities, and provide cost-effective options. As a qualified Hawaii Energy Ally, we work to align your system to meet the Hawaii Energy’s incentive program requirements so that you may be eligible to receive immediate returns on your investment. For properties with an existing submeter system, we will make every effort to integrate it with new replacements and operate both systems in tandem.

Meter Installation and Maintenance

Our local, Hawaii-licensed, and experienced technicians will install and maintain your new or existing meter system the right way. We pride ourselves on being a vendor-agnostic company that has no ties to any meter manufacturer or supplier. You can be sure to receive a free proposal from us that features multiple meter options to choose from that is designed to work best for your property. From there, we will work within your budget to provide a professional and safe installation in compliance with applicable building codes and with minimum disruption for your residents.

Meter Data Management

Meter readings can be transferred directly into our cloud-based system to be hosted and available for management. We automate the entire process of saving consumption data, analyzing it, and billing your clients. Our system automatically recognizes your meter data, validates the data, and estimates any readings if required. We store and let you access an unlimited amount of historical data over multiple cloud servers with data redundancy. We integrate our systems with most property management software programs to automate invoice processing and remittance. Our systems can be tailored to provide automated solutions to specific areas of your business. You do not have to change your current processes; instead, we will provide solutions to automate them.

Troubleshooting and Customer Support

We take the headache away from property managers having to respond to any questions from their residents about their meter, meter readings, past usage, or charges. Customers shall reach out to us directly for any questions or inquiries. We are ready to dispatch our local technicians to troubleshoot any meter on-site. There’s no need to deal with a mainland meter company that subcontracts their help in an untimely manner. We are a one-stop shop based in Hawaii with an all-local staff who are familiar with your property and residents.

Online Portal

Our portal feature’s role defined online access to customer accounts to view historical and current bills, transaction updates, usage graphs, e-bills/paper bills, set away dates, pay online, and much more. Dashboards keep all customer information easily accessible. Customers may access their account online through a desktop computer or mobile device anywhere in the world, 24/7. We offer technical support to assist the end-user with account setup and handle any metering or billing questions they have.

Meter Reports and Billing

Comprehensive and accurate reporting and billing methodologies that enable standard or user-defined charges. We can provide Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) billing and metered usage billing for electric, water, or gas. We are capable to designate specified charges for setup and termination, move-in, move-out, or any other charges that you require. Customized reports are designed to meet specific management needs. Real-time payments made via desktop or mobile device make payments easy to pay anytime, anywhere. All transactions will post immediately to the customer’s account portal. Our automated system-generated e-Bills will reduce operational costs by eliminating postage and provide immediate returns on your investment. We have the flexibility to enable both e-bills and paper billings.


Multifamily Residents — Apartments, High-Rise, Low-Rise, Multiple Buildings

Condos and Townhomes — HOAs and AOAOs

Commercial Properties — Retail, Offices, Warehouse, Hotels, and Timeshares

New Construction — Planning and Implementation With Developers and Contractors